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12 Things for LGHL Stock Investors to Know About the Lion Group NFT Platform and MetaWords

12 Things for LGHL Stock Investors to Know About the Lion Group NFT Platform and MetaWords
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the lion group (NASDAQ:LGHL) Stocks are moving Friday after the company announced a new marketplace for NFT and plans for MetaWords.

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Let’s dive into this news below with all the details LGHL stock investors need to know.

  • First, the company today launched its Lion NFT marketplace platform.
  • To go along with this launch is her MetaWords NFT art project.
  • This made him collaborate with Chinese calligrapher and conceptual artist Xu Bing.
  • The company notes that this is an evolution of Bing’s book, BAwok from the ground, in the metaverse.
  • This made him withdraw from his work in the NFTs.
  • The goal here is to create a new descriptive language for metaverse based on these characters.
  • Basically, think of it as an advanced form of emoji or hieroglyphs attached to the blockchain.
  • The Lion Group will sell the first stage of Metawords during an auction on Monday.
  • This will include 30 characters of descriptive words.
  • It will also sell blind boxes to customers at the same time.
  • The Lion Group also promises to share profits to creators and owners of new Metawords on its platform.
  • This includes any time someone else chooses to use these characters in their work.

Today’s metaverse and NFT news see heavy trading in LGHL shares. As of this writing, more than 800,000 shares of the stock have been traded. This is above the average daily trading volume of about 536,000 shares.

LGHL stock is down 8.3% as of Friday morning!

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