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4 Crypto Influencers Share Their Top Utility Coin and Explain Why

4 Crypto Influencers Share Their Top Utility Coin and Explain Why
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  • Cryptocurrencies that surged over a million percent two years ago are almost unheard of today.
  • It remains to be seen if that experience will repeat itself.
  • Regardless of the uncertainty, every crypto influencer has a favorite pick that they believe in.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is not the same as investing in stocks. There aren’t many analysts from legacy companies who make monthly forecasts about price growth, or companies that release quarterly earnings reports.

The open source, community-based, and decentralized nature of the blockchain means that the success of the project is anyone’s guess. The childhood and lack of basics for many platforms also makes it hard to predict which one will last for the long haul.

Several altcoins, such as reddcoin (RDD) or Verge (XVG) saw gains in 2017 and 2018 reaching 1,581,942%. But today, almost no one has heard of it. It remains to be seen if this experience will be repeated with today’s popular cryptocurrencies.

“I buy a lot of projects that build ecosystems for other projects and companies, but there aren’t many use cases for laymen yet,” said MacLorden, a crypto investor and founder of Faceless Crypto.

Lorden previously described Elrond (EGLD) as his favorite cryptocurrency, but more of its growth potential rather than anything it is currently doing.

The truth is that even the most experienced and popular influencers are betting on speculation right now.

Insider spoke to four familiar faces in the crypto space to find out what their top utility token is and why they’re betting on it.

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