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Five Cryptocurrencies That Redditors Want to Invest in 2022 | From Solana to Binance Coin

Five Cryptocurrencies That Redditors Want to Invest in 2022
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The success of cryptocurrencies has looked bright over the past year. Many investors put their money into these digital currencies, which have seen their ups and downs in the previous months. Regardless of whether the market is bullish or bearish, adventurers gamble with dollars in the hope of reaping high profits from it.

This time, we will tackle the top five cryptocurrencies Redditors want to monitor for 2022 and beyond. To get started, here is the list you need to check out right now.

What Cryptos Do Redditors Would Prefer To Buy In 2022

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Are you thinking of investing in cryptocurrency in 2022? Here is a list of the cryptocurrencies Redditors prefer to buy this year and beyond.


According to a report by Insider Monkey, Solana is the first cryptocurrency you need to watch out for this year. This digital currency is often seen as a competitor to the popular Ethereum.

In the Solana blockchain, the Solana coin is the official currency for transactions. Apart from that, it has low cost and high transfer speeds as compared to its counterparts.

Moreover, this cryptocurrency is expanding its crypto projects and digital spaces such as Web3, NFTs, and DeFi (Decentralized Finance).

For Redditors, Solana has been growing as an essential investment everyone should see once in a while. With the growth of NFT and DeFi applications, it is no wonder that their value will continue to increase after a short time.

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The Ripple network features cheap payment options for users, especially through its trusted blockchain network. Launched in 2012, Ripple has made waves in the crypto world along with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Currently, it now has a market capitalization of over $40 billion in valuation. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ripple is showing good progress in its accelerating value.

Redditors love Ripple because it is able to handle multiple transactions at a faster rate. In just seconds, it can manage huge payments and only charges fees as low as 0.00001 Ripple.

Binance coin

Another crypto that Redditors often explore is Binance Coin, a low-key alternative investment to ETH and BTC. Blockchain fans know that the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange has something to offer. This is where its official currency enters the market.

In the past year, Binance Coin managed to achieve a 1,300% increase in its performance. In that period, it even surpassed both Ethereum and Bitcoin, which achieved growth of 408% and 65%, respectively.

In 2022, this cryptocurrency will keep pace with other currencies despite the recent market crash.


Analysts have predicted that ETH could actually outperform Bitcoin in terms of price over the past months. As it has faster transaction speeds and lower power consumption, Ethereum remains the top choice among investors, including Redditors.

We can see that the Ethereum network will be dominant in 2022. It will only take a matter of time for it to return to the heyday of the cryptocurrency world.


The list would not be complete if there was no Bitcoin on it. The world’s largest cryptocurrency is still the number one Redditor investor. Amid issues regarding mining mechanics, it is still a popular investment among many people.

Buying Bitcoin before 2023 will be a huge advantage for users who want to generate significant interest in cryptocurrencies. In general, this crypto has a lot of advantages over other coins.

Some believe that this can save inflation and has more value than gold.

Meanwhile, Forbes included the following in its top 10 cryptocurrencies for January 2022.

  • pregnancy
  • Cardano
  • US dollar coin
  • Tera
  • dotted

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