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Five YouTube cryptocurrency channels you should subscribe to

Five YouTube cryptocurrency channels you should subscribe to
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YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms for people looking for entertainment and education on their favorite topics.

Over the past few years, it has become the home of a host of channels dedicated to everything related to cryptocurrency.

Whether you are new to the market or an experienced trader, there is likely to be a cryptocurrency channel on YouTube that offers useful insights and opinions in the field.

However, not all YouTube cryptocurrency channels can be trusted, so we decided to collect some of the best and most popular channels of 2020 here.

Ivan On Take

With 212,000 subscribers, Ivan on Tech is one of the most popular cryptocurrency channels on YouTube.

Hosted by Swedish developer Ivan Lilgqvist, who is also an international blockchain speaker and educator, the channel revolves around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Liljeqvist has garnered an impressive 16.7 million views for his videos, which provide insights into the big events affecting the crypto market.

It also publishes interviews with key crypto figures such as Bitcoin investor Roger Ver, Bitfinex CTO Pablo Ardoino, and Block.One founder Dan Larimer.

Doge Polk Crypto

Known for his long-running poker channel, former professional poker player Doug Polk now runs a popular cryptocurrency channel that has gained 185,000 followers.

Doug Polk Crypto is a crypto news and entertainment channel covering the latest happenings in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and many other projects in the crypto field.

There is a special focus on cryptocurrency scams, with information on traps new traders fall into and general advice on how to avoid being scammed. The channel also offers trading tips, which Polk presents in a fun and entertaining way.

The only downside is that videos are very rare – you may have to wait up to six months for a new video to be uploaded.

lark encryption

Crypto Lark is hosted by Lark Davis, New Zealand’s most famous crypto and Bitcoin personality, who entertains her 104,000 subscribers with a humorous but clear look at disruptive technology and blockchain solutions.

Crypto Lark offers videos on cryptocurrency news, ICOs, analysis, reviews and interviews. It is a good choice for cryptocurrency beginners because you can learn how to trade cryptocurrencies and get paid with bitcoin.

Davis offers his insights into the latest market movements and information on important events such as the halving of bitcoin. He posts about two videos a week and has garnered more than nine million views.

You can read Coin Rivet’s latest interview with Davis here.

cipher zombie

Crypto Zombie is a useful channel for the most experienced crypto enthusiasts.

The channel discusses cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other altcoins, as well as covering news surrounding blockchain technology, ICOs, and coin reviews.

There are also general discussions and trending topics related to cryptocurrency and the future of digital assets.

Crypto Zombie is known for its updated Bitcoin feed and trend analysis in the Bitcoin market. It is quite technical, so viewers need to have a fairly good understanding of cryptocurrency trading and an understanding of financial charts.

Crypto Zombie has gained 94,800 subscribers and over 11 million views.

Krypto Daily

Crypto Daily has been in operation since 2014 and aims to provide honest news to its viewers on an almost daily basis.

The host presents the news in a satirical, witty, and relaxed style, making it an entertainment option for those who want to get the latest market news. You can even watch the best collection of encrypted music videos in Crypto Daily.

The videos are time-stamped, which means you can skip to the most interesting sections, thus saving your valuable time.

Crypto Daily has amassed 145,000 followers and over nine million views.


Whether you want to become a better cryptocurrency trader, get the latest market news, or simply be entertained, YouTube has become a great platform for crypto-lovers.

As the best channel hosts point out, it is extremely important to be aware of scams and stick to YouTubers that you feel you can trust.

As the market develops further, there will likely be more YouTube crypto channels to choose from in the near future, providing a new twist on the latest happenings in the blockchain world.

The five YouTube channels for cryptocurrencies that you should subscribe to first appeared on Coin Rivet.

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