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How Mason Versluis Has Built a Following by Combining Investing and Spirituality

How Mason Versluis Has Built a Following by Combining Investing and Spirituality
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“People choose to be leaders and give up their gold. You have to be an expert in chemistry and go from being a pioneer to getting into your mind and leading yourself.” This is the primary and influential 21-year-old cryptocurrency investor that Mason Versluis believes in. It’s also one of the things he’s trying to detail for his 500,000+ followers across his various platform. Mason’s own journey is an embodiment of what he has to say, and that makes him an excellent example.

Although his age might fool you into thinking otherwise, Mason Versluis is very knowledgeable about the cryptocurrency space. His exploration began when he was barely 15 years old and has continued over the years. He attended college for a short time, then left to pursue his own music marketing agency. The business ended in failure, but it gave him the capital to start investing in cryptocurrency in the right way.

On September 28, 2020, he took a step forward and started creating content on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. His TikTok account alone, CryptoMasun, has over 400,000 avid investors. Mason puts up daily videos about the market and interesting anecdotes about the things he cares about and invest in himself. He breaks down complex articles, diagrams, theories, and even diagrams into easy-to-consume information that even a beginner can understand. To date, Cryptomasun has attracted over 7 million likes.

YouTube is another platform where Mason shares his knowledge. He owns and operates two channels, “Crypto Mason” and “Crypto Mason 2.” The audience for both channels is over 100,000 and still growing. Besides sharing cryptocurrency news, he occasionally does coin reviews and theoretical videos about the future of the crypto market.

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Mason’s opinions and views have not always been well received by others in the industry. Recently, he was identified by Business Insider in an article about his outlook on Bitcoin and his claims that one day it will be passed on by Ethereum or XRP. The article attracted a lot of backlash on social media from people who believed that Bitcoin will reign as the #1 cryptocurrency forever. Instead of letting haters and detractors annoy him, he chooses to provide useful content to those who love what he does.

on a personal level, Mason He is a fan of some cryptocurrencies that try to combine traditional finance with modern finance and blockchain technology. While most players in the industry do not like traditional financial banking systems, he is a huge fan of XRP dollars, HBAR and QNT dollars. His current portfolio contains over 17 unique coins that he believes will live on in the crypto space for years to come.

In addition to investing in cryptocurrencies, Mason also has a mission to help people improve their lives holistically. It encourages thousands to become the best versions of themselves physically, mentally, physically and spiritually every day. He believes that once a person clears his mind, a transformation in other areas, including finance, is imminent. He says the main lesson he wants people to learn from his life is the power of choice. He says anyone can achieve anything they set out to do as long as they put their minds to it.

The future can only get better for Mason. He hopes to become one of the most important crypto influencers in the industry and reach more people. He adds, “I will continue to grow my audience into the millions and continue to help many more people expand their minds and free themselves financially.”

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