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Idex Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026 Market Cap Review Chart & Trading Analysis

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There are millions of ways to earn some profitable money from your money by investing in many companies and platforms. ShareMarket was a time when most people were trying to invest their money in the market and earn some side money from their savings. Well, it does not work out almost every time because millions of people have faced huge loss in the market by investing their money. We cannot say that the market always gives you the loss, but it can also give you some benefit next time and this time, Cryptocurrency is surrounding the investors. Many traders or investors invest huge sums in the market and expect high returns in the coming years.

Today, we will discuss another coin from the market that is attracting the attention of many investors in recent days and rapidly increasing in the market at an amazing and distinctive price. Currently, the coin is trading at $0.1746 with a trading volume of $502,686.863 in the last 24 hours, and in this article we will share with you the latest information on the coin. The coin’s price has increased by 104.16% in the last 24 hours. Currently, the coin’s rank is #405. Here are some additional information about the coin that it is important to share with you.

What is IDEX and who is the founder?

IDEX Cryptocurrency was launched by cryptocurrency traders in 2017 and is a decentralized exchange based on Ethereum (DEX). It is used to offer real-time trading of cryptocurrencies with market orders, support for zero-gas cancellation, and has the ability to fill as many trades as possible simultaneously. In 2017, IDEX 1.0 was first released as an exchange version. Later, the team also released IDEX 2.0 version at the end of 2019, and now the version is available for investors or users.

IDEX version 1.0 integrates off-chain matching and starts validating on-chain adjustments. Off-chain trade and cross-chain settlement will provide the speed of a centralized structure while transacting or maintaining the security features of decentralized exchanges. Despite this, IDEX 1.0 was insecure because traders were given control of the funds.

How does IDEX work?

Before sharing some details, Alex Wearn is the founder and CEO of IDEX. DEXs is the more literal term, it creates on-chain models where all the orders interact with each other. This decentralizes but slows down trading and makes it costly because the process from submitting an application to modify or cancel it has charged high fees and it depends on when the blockchain network confirms a single transaction.

IDEX Price Prediction

Currently, the price of the coin has made its place among the thousands of coins due to its amazing value and rapid increase. We also see that the current price of the coin is $0.1955 and it is rapidly increasing in its schedule. You can also check the previous value of the coin and it was definitely unexpected because $0.1311 is a close price for the last day as of September 6, 2022. So here is a price prediction for the year as many investors are looking for this important information.

Idex prices 2022

So, you have seen the current price of the currency, and you can also compare the current price with yesterday’s price and it will not be difficult to understand that the price is rising rapidly and can touch this high value in the coming days. According to experts, the price of the coin could reach $0.1540 by the end of the day. Besides, we can expect the price of the coin by the end of 2022 to be $0.0302315.

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Idex prices 2023

If you are planning to invest for a long time, the coin comes to our list because in the coming years, the crypto market will reach its peak by the end of each year, the price will take a new leap again and it will reach the new price as we do not expect. According to experts, the price of the coin may reach $0.3570299 by the end of the year. Forecasts are available online and reveal that the coin will definitely increase but the exact value cannot be discovered.

Idex prices forecast 2021

IDEX 2024 price forecast

Now, 2024 will go the same as the last couple of years and again will give you some high rates in the year and maybe the middle of the year will show you something unexpected because the rate could reach $0.41110925 by the end of the year. There are a lot of coin predictions on the internet and we can assume that the coin could go up more than we expected.

IDEX 2025 price forecast

We know very well that in the near future, most people will try to invest in the market and until the currency reaches its highest level, no one will try to buy this at that moment. Besides, the internet user or the platform user will increase and it will also affect the coin which will show you some high price of the coin. According to the sources, the price of the coin could reach $0.5065659 by the end of the year. Not only that, but you can also expect more prices from this coin.

Idex price forecast 2026

Now, it will be our last forecast for the day and we can assume how excited investors are to invest in this currency and plan to hold it for a long time. Well, if you have already bought it, you will have to wait a few more years for an unexpected return. According to the sources, advisors or experts have revealed that the price of the coin will reach $0.6076247 by the end of the year, and it is important to note that this is only an expectation and not a formal commitment.


Simply put, there are a lot of conclusions about this coin, but we have already said that this is just a prediction and we cannot give you an accurate prediction of the price because the exact price of the coin cannot be determined. But it can be said that the price of the currency will rise in the next year. We were also told that this is a secure trading platform and a decentralized exchange based on Ethereum (DEX). Investing in a coin is a good thing, and holding it for a long time can give you a better return.

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