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Melania Trump Congratulates Bitcoin On 13th Anniversary Of Bitcoin Genesis Block

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Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin investors are spread across almost every sector and among different personalities. With the increasing adoption of digital assets, most people are joining the investment train to reap huge growth potential. Celebrities and government officials from past and present governments around the world have not been left behind.

The former first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, just gave a congratulatory message to Bitcoin on the 13thy birthday. Shortly after it launched its ‘Non-Foldable Token (NFT)’ in December 2021.

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Mrs. Trump released her message through Twitter Monday to the world’s largest digital asset as it celebrates its founding 13y Anniversary.

In her letter, the former first lady referred to the market value of Bitcoin, which has exceeded one trillion dollars. After that, I wished a happy anniversary celebration of the Bitcoin Genesis Block.

Reactions to Bitcoin’s applause for the former first lady

Mrs. Trump’s tweet has received more than 8,000 retweets and 30,000 likes in the press. Moreover, the post has attracted reactions from the cryptocurrency community. This includes the likes of Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital. Pompliano speculates that the former first lady is likely to be a Bitcoiner or associated with the BTC industry.

From CoinGecko records, the market capitalization of BTC is around 880 billion at press time. Furthermore, the digital assets had a market value of over $1 trillion as of the beginning of December 2021.

Bitcoin Still Low on the Daily Chart Source: BTCUSD Tradingview

Further reactions to the former first lady’s post outlined some anti-BTC comments from her husband, former US President Donald Trump.

Some of the tweets recalled how former President Trump has consistently criticized Bitcoin. He has taken his stance firmly as a fan against Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He noted that due to the huge fluctuation in the value of the cryptocurrency, it is a scam based on a vacuum.

Besides BTC, former President Trump on Facebook criticized Libra, predicting less reliability and stability for the digital currency. He stated that if Facebook wants to operate a bank, it must follow recognized and regulatory procedure.

A Twitter observer, while comparing the different actions of Trump’s husband, posted the entire scenario as a ‘mysterious divorce announcement’.

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Before now, Mrs. Trump officially announced the Non-perishable Token (NFT) platform in December 2021. However, she founded her first digital holding known as Melania’s Vision.

From the official website of the former first lady, Solana Blockchain handled the sale of its NFT. The auction sale will also conclude on Friday.

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