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Popular YouTuber MrBeast Reveals Significant Crypto Holdings, Here’s What He Has

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YouTuber MrBeast said he holds most of his cryptocurrency in Bitcoin. Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is known on YouTube for his expensive acrobatics. Stunts like giving people a million dollars to spend in a minute are not out of the norm for YouTubers. MrBeast boasts a huge following of over 60 million subscribers. With his videos getting billions of views.

Also an entrepreneur and philanthropist, the YouTuber has invested in crypto. According to his latest revelations, it turns out that the entrepreneur actually owns large holdings in bitcoin. The 23-year-old has invested in a variety of products across the crypto space. Besides bitcoin, MrBeast has also invested in NFTs. The YouTube star revealed that he bought the popular CryptoPunks NFTs. which he then sold and put the proceeds into VeeFriends for Gray Vaynerchuk.

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Speaking to fellow YouTuber Logan Paul, MrBeast revealed that he made 20-30 times more CryptoPunks sale. During the interview on Paul Empulsive’s podcast, Mr. Best said he first got into the project when Vaynerchuk first mentioned it during a February phone call. Paul confirmed that he has also invested in the project, which he has been upfront about Twitter. Together with their other friends who were present on the call with Vaynerchuk.

Bitcoin and Other Crypto Investments

MrBeast has been as prominent in the field of cryptography as a lot of other famous YouTubers. Despite his reluctance to talk about the value of his investment, MrBeast confirmed that he has invested $1.5 million in bitcoin. Paul made this reference to a phone he had with MrBeast where he told Paul he had made the investment. With MrBeast confirming this.

Bitcoin price trailing $47K | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

MrBeast also revealed during the interview that he invested in 8 CryptoPunks NFTs earlier in the year, which he no longer owns. A number he didn’t want to reveal, before he multiplied and gave the exact number. Although the YouTuber did not move in his determination not to reveal how much it was sold for.

Being a loud voice in the coding space, the popular YouTuber has also landed some notable partnerships and investments. Earlier in May, MrBeast invested in XCAD, a marketplace that enabled the creation of NFTs with a single click. Content creators were supposed to use it to monetize their content.

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MrBeast has also partnered with Coinbase. A partnership that saw users who used his code get $10 in bitcoin on the exchange. Most notable, however, was the YouTube star’s engagement with Refinable. The subsequent collapse in the price of the project led to followers accusing the YouTuber of paying a pump-and-dump scheme on them. Which leads them to lose their money in the process. MrBeast has not yet commented on any of the accusations.

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