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Ripple Remains on Track Toward Vindication and a Bright Future

XRP Price Predictions: How Far Can New Partnerships Take the XRP Crypto?
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Nobody knows for sure how it’s going ripple Labs (CCC:XRP-USD) and the SEC battle will be over, or when.

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Currently, there are several indications that the outcome will be in favor of Ripple. I’ll touch on those a bit, but first I’d like to point out that despite the problems on multiple fronts, XRP has done well throughout the year.

XRP is still up 55% over the past six months despite the SEC’s continued argument that Ripple sold XRP tokens as unregistered securities.

Greater attraction

Moreover, XRP remains high to date, despite the allure exerted by cryptocurrency leaders Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD) And Ethereum (CCC:ETH-USD).

It’s no secret that as Bitcoin and Ethereum are on the rise, the broader crypto market is also on the rise. This is significant because Bitcoin has shed about $20K in value since the second week of November, dropping from $67K to $47K. This represents a 30% drop in Bitcoin, while XRP is down as well, dropping nearly 23% from the second week of November to today.

Once again, the point here is that Ripple and XRP seem to hold up well despite the unfavorable macro environment. So, for those who believe that Ripple will be acquitted in its SEC lawsuit, 2022 could be a very strong year for XRP’s prospects.

Ripple CEO (CEO) Brad Garlinghouse has always believed that his company will be acquitted. Not long ago, he indicated that he believed 2022 would see the conclusion of the Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit.

slow motion

Ripple versus SEC is an essential case in crypto regulation. “Obviously we see good questions being asked by the judge. And I think the judge understands that it’s not just about Ripple, it has broader implications.

A global regulatory framework is emerging. Countries including China and India have taken tougher stances against cryptocurrencies, leading to increased regulatory oversight within their borders. Meanwhile, countries including the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Switzerland and Singapore have led regulatory frameworks that give crypto more autonomy.

The US argument for regulation is growing, and the outcome of Ripple will be an integral part of the future of domestic cryptocurrencies.

There are current indications that XRP will move higher, far from the optimism of CEO Brad Garlinghouse.


In the stock market, it is often institutional investors who wield what could be described as significant influence. Institutional investors control vast amounts of capital and other resources. Thus, they have the ability to dictate the movement of individual stocks within the market.

In the crypto world, their counterparts are known as “whales”. They have enormous resources at their disposal. When they direct large amounts of capital toward a particular cryptocurrency, the result is similar to what institutional investors exercise on stocks.

In the case of XRP, this indicates a future upward movement. This is because since September, XRP whales have increased their XRP holdings by 6%. They now control about 3.31 billion XRP with whales defined as addresses worth between $1 million and $10 million in XRP.

Ripple benefit

Remember, XRP has utility as a cross-border payment token. XRP is a distributed ledger database – not a blockchain – that enables instant global transactions.

Basically, XRP can be seen as a potential successor to legacy payment systems including SWIFT, the “global provider of secure financial messaging services.”

What do you do with Ripple?

The more one reads about Ripple and XRP, the more one believes in the project. I mean that as it relates to the SEC fight, first.

Almost all news on this issue seems to favor Ripple. This was evident from the early arguments.

It seems to be more about when Ripple will receive a positive judgment, not whether they will. Brad Garlinghouse is confident that it will happen sometime in 2022. The point is that XRP will definitely rise in the future. There are more attractive crypto investments in terms of return.

After all, XRP will not rise as fast as some speculative bets in the space. However, it offers a much greater potential to provide returns, which should not be overlooked.

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