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Sologenic to Airdrop $250M+ to XRP Holders With the Launch of a New Cost-Efficient NFT Marketplace

Sologenic to Airdrop $250M+ to XRP Holders With the Launch of a New Cost-Efficient NFT Marketplace
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The new marketplace is built on the XRP ledger to solve the high cost and slow transactions of existing NFT markets on the Ethereum blockchain.

Sologenic NFT Marketplace Preview

Sologenic NFT Marketplace Preview

Sologenic NFT Marketplace Preview

TALLINN, ESTONIA, November 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Sologenic Development Foundation announce Their decision to develop a new NFT marketplace on the XRP ledger that benefits users with extremely low transaction costs for an instrument, bid, and trade NFTs on an existing Sologenic DEX.

In order to engage the community in participating in the proposed ecosystem and governance facilities, the Sologenic Development Foundation has decided to open 200,000,000 SOLOs and conduct airdrops to XRP and/or SOLO holders globally. At the time of this press release, SOLO’s spot price is $1.44 making Airdrop one of the largest airdrops distributed in the crypto space. This airdrop will be obtained from tokens that are currently locked into the SOLO Community Fund (SCF), a SOLO Expansion Fund (SEF) that was designed to build and expand the SOLO community when the ecosystem was launched in early 2020.

The snapshot is scheduled to be taken on December 24, 2021 at 20:00 UTC from all XRP and/or SOLO wallets that have established Trustline with the Sologenic oracle. Users can simply hold their assets on the central support exchanges or Create Trustline directly from their wallets to claim airdrops.

With a transaction cost of around $0.00005, the Sologenic DEX It has gained huge popularity among the XRP and SOLO community for trading different crypto assets and even fiat through various portals that issue stable coins on the XRP ledger such as Bitstamp and Gatehub. At the time of this press release, Sologenic DEX has over 10 million pageviews per month with more than 350,000 transactions going through DEX on a weekly basis.

the Sologenic DEX It is an advanced decentralized trading platform that allows users to trade (peer-to-peer) various upcoming cryptocurrencies and token assets such as stocks and ETFs while keeping their private keys providing maximum security and confidence.

DEX provides users with all the features available on a decent centralized exchange while users can safely manage and maintain their own assets. Sologenic DEX supports various wallet integrations such as the SOLO Wallet, Ledger Devices, D’cent, XUMM, and more. Some of the features are:

  • Fees as low as $0.000005

  • Fully customizable and dynamic widgets in the trading terminal

  • Professional charting tools with up to 1 minute low candles and live order books

  • Removes barriers to entry for a private, safe and secure trading experience that is not controlled by any central entity

  • Final deal ~ 3 seconds

  • Support for other wallets (Ledger, XUMM, …)

  • Support for multiple languages ​​such as English, Spanish and many more

  • light/dark themes

SOLO to mint, list, and display NFTs in the upcoming Sologenic NFT Market

Users will be able to mint and list their NFTs in the upcoming Sologenic NFT Market by burning SOLO tokens. It will also be possible to display the NFT using SOLO as a payment using the bidding system. 100% of the single tokens collected as a fee will be burned instantly.

Solo core team I feel excited Within the crypto community to launch the upcoming NFT market in Sologenic DEX, we believe this new market will solve existing barriers and problems such as extremely high transaction costs and slow networks to mint, bid or trade NFTs. “Reza Pasha – Tech Lead in Sociological Development Foundation

About Sologenic

Sologenic.org (Sologenic Development Foundation)

The SOLO Core team is an independent community of developers who are passionate about making the Sologenic ecosystem successful. It consists of developers who are actively working on various open source projects and use cases around XRP as well as SOLO. About two years ago, the SOLO core team issued 400,000,000 single tokens for use across the “Sologenic ecosystem.”

Sologenic.com (Manticore Securities AS)

Sologenic.com (Manticore Securities AS) is a public limited company registered in the European Union with the aim of acquiring a MiFID ll Investment Firm license to tokenize securities such as stocks and ETFs on the XRP Ledger using the Sologenic ecosystem. Single tokens play an essential role in the entire platform’s uptime. Currently, Manticore Securities AS is in the process of obtaining licensing and has developed a test environment that simulates stock tokenization on XRPL.

John Silver

Marketing Team @ Sologenic Development Corporation


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Image 1: Sologenic NFT Marketplace Preview

Let’s take a look at a preview of the upcoming NFT market on Sologenic DEX.

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