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Stellar Lumens Price Predictions: How High Can a MoneyGram Deal Take XLM?

Stellar Lumens Price Predictions: How High Can a MoneyGram Deal Take XLM?
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One of the most basic use cases for cryptocurrency is wire transfer escaping. With the exorbitant fees charged by the major banking institutions, it is quite difficult to transfer money internationally. As a result, many major blockchain networks have created a decentralized solution to escape headaches. It’s a fast-growing industry, but unfortunately it has seen resistance as the largest network of this type faces legal problems. the excellent (CCC:XLM-dollarThe network seeks to stimulate this growth on a large scale. A new partnership helps him achieve that goal, and Lumen coins benefit from the advertisement. Now, investors are hoping for some bullish expectations for Stellar Lumens prices as they look to the future.

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Stellar started in 2014 as a way to help connect unbanked people through a decentralized financing platform. Since then, its goals have shifted towards making the connection between financial institutions as seamless as possible through the blockchain. Its currency, Lumen, is the fuel for this trade, allowing institutions to send securities between each other; By this, they avoid having to deal with the routine of wire transfers.

The network is still honing that effort, but today it’s back to helping the individual. network partnership with moneygram (NASDAQ:MGIIt helps individuals escape the same routine as financial institutions by allowing international transfers on the blockchain.

Stellar and MoneyGram partnership will be supported by stablecoin USD . coin (CCC:USDC-USD), which is one of the largest stablecoins available in US dollars. Subtraction, according to CoinDeskIt will be incremental, with a beta rollout in Q4 before a full launch in early 2022 for Stellar users.

Stellar Lumens price predictions become a point of interest after partnership

The deal is huge for Stellar, and comes at an interesting time for this sector of the blockchain market. The biggest Stellar competition in this space is ripple (CCC:XRP-USD), which is one of the top 10 digital currencies by market capitalization. Unfortunately for Ripple, it has been embroiled in a toxic lawsuit involving the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The lawsuit, which has been ongoing since December 2020, has banned XRP from listing on US cryptocurrency exchanges. It also caused MoneyGram to cut ties with Ripple, with whom it was involved prior to Stellar’s new partnership. This announcement from Stellar is a huge blow to Ripple, and Stellar is expected to gain a significant amount of ground on the troubled XRP ledger. With that said, investors are turning to the network that is causing waves and gaining news. Let’s take a look at some Stellar Lumens price predictions to see where the coin will go in the future:

  • WalletInvestor believes that XLM will benefit quite a bit over the next year. The site’s 12-month forecast targets a price point of 54 cents for the coin. It is currently worth 34 cents.
  • CoinPriceForecast expects a value of 43 cents by the end of the year.
  • Gov Capital expects a price of 51 cents for Lumen by October of 2022.
  • The Economic Forecasting Agency expects XLM to be worth 51 cents at the end of December. By October of next year, expect a price of 56 cents.

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