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Top most promising tokens of 2022

XRP keeps the lead ahead of BTC and ETH
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The cryptocurrency market is booming again. During the first week of November, several altcoins simultaneously broke price records. Among the market leaders were the crypto coins of high-tech projects that work in the areas of FinTech, GameFi, as well as data security and safety. According to experts, the tokens of such companies will continue to grow in the next year, as the demand for their products and services will constantly increase. Large institutional and retail investors are trying to add such altcoins to their portfolios, expecting a skyrocketing price in the next 12 months. We have collected the most promising cryptocurrencies that you should keep an eye on today.


The native token of the decentralized exchange aggregator has grown by almost 100% in the last week of October. As traders themselves explain, the coin achieved a good level of support back in early October, and the team’s announcements about their several new strategic partnerships only strengthened token holders’ faith in the bright future of the coin. As a result, the token price increased by 116%, reaching $8.6 per token.

The 1INCH token already has the chance to become the new altcoin market leader in 2022. The company intends to continue to grow and attract new partners, as well as create new sources of liquidity for the DeFi world. It’s very likely that the altcoin’s price could reach the $10 mark per token, if the company’s plans are carried out according to the conceived strategy.


$ZAM token, which belongs to the Zam.io blockchain ecosystem, made a splash in the cryptocurrency market in early November. After listing on PancakeSwap, the decentralized exchange, and Gate.io, the centralized platform, the value of the altcoin increased by 2300%, growing from $0.03 to $0.70 apiece. The number of token holders reached a record high, exceeding 10 thousand holders. Experts are confident that in the next year, the value of the token can break price records by popularizing the company’s internal products. Today, Zam.io has developed the unique zMorgan protocol, which allows transferring stock capital into cryptocurrencies. In practice, it goes like this: a shareholder who owns NASDAQ traded stocks can transfer them to a Zam.io repository. In turn, the zMorgan protocol issues a certain amount of USDZ or AEDZ stablecoins, which are pegged to the US dollar or Emirati dirham respectively in a 1: 1 ratio. At the same time, each issued stablecoin has real collateral, the shares deposited in the repository. The user can reverse the transaction and retrieve the shares by paying a commission for using the platform.

The gradual consolidation of the CeFi and DeFi sectors will ultimately increase equity demand for services that transfer capital to cryptocurrencies and vice versa, which will guarantee demand for Zam.io’s services. Acknowledging the importance and relevance of the company’s solutions, several organizations such as Nakheel Capital, Sky Ventures, Node Capital among others are supporting Zam.io today.


Another promising blockchain project whose market position is likely to be strengthened is Polygon. The value of Polygon’s native MATIC tokens may significantly increase. In October, the price of the token increased by 70%, surpassing the significant $1.70 mark. According to traders’ forecasts, the altcoin is unlikely to stop at the $1.7 mark and will likely continue to grow reaching $2 apiece.

moderate, postulating that MATIC token prices will greatly increase cannot be done with confidence. After all, the Polygon network itself is a full-stack scaling solution designed for the Ethereum network. Polygon provides secure and reliable solutions for Ethereum-based projects, delivering low gas charges and high throughput. However, if the Ethereum developers launch the Ethereum 2.0 network, which should significantly unload the existing blockchain, and, consequently, reduce gas fees, then the need for Polygon solutions will decrease. This implies that the token price may go down. Now Polygon’s team is considering other development directions to retain holders and scale the project.


The decentralized video platform, which is known in the cryptocurrency community as an alternative to YouTube, could be a real breakthrough in 2022. The project team develops and scales its own business all-round, offering users modern tools for monetizing content. Recently, the company has launched its own NFT marketplace, where anyone can sell their unique non-fungible tokens.

The project development and the attraction of a large user base will positively impact the value of THETA’s native token. Today the token’s price is $7.47, and the project capitalization has already exceeded $7 billion. In the next 12 months, the asset value is likely to reach $10 and continue to grow after launching new company projects.


Next year could be a prime year for the altcoin market. Already today, institutional and retail investors are piling up in their wallets project tokens that offer real solutions for the cryptocurrency and blockchain market. Therefore, novice investors must keep an eye on promising coins and include them in their investment portfolios, or purchase a ready-made investment portfolio, compiled by experienced traders and analysts. The Intelligent Investment Portfolio offered by Zam.io is an option. It is noteworthy to point out that investing in cryptocurrencies can be risky, so it is always a good idea to stabilize profits in stablecoins or other hedging assets.


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