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Waiting to Buy Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) Lower After They Break Support

Waiting to Buy Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) Lower After They Break Support
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The encrypted currencies are in another sale this week, where they continue to decline. Some attributed this to the Fed’s Federal Reserve minutes on Wednesday and also sent less stock markets, while some see this just a good chance to start buying some digital currencies. MicrosTrategy, for example, took advantage of the chip and bought 1,900 public proteomics for $91 million on December 30.

The Daily Chart Analysis of Litecoin – LTC is heading to $ 100 after support at $ 140 to break

Will Litecoin will reach $ 100

Litecoin shows the weakness since September. Most of the assembly has lost in the encryption market. Shift the bearish feelings in the market, pull LTC down with it.

LTC dropped from $ 300 to $ 140, as the support area continued for December. Buyers were very weak and we didn’t see any real bounce off this support level, which suggests it could break son and it did happen this week, with LTC / USD It dropped to $ 127. Litecoin is one of the most liquid cryptocurrencies, but it continues to decline, although this makes it cheaper to buy. I want to buy LTC around $ 100, so we follow the price movement to see where it ends.

Daily Chart Analysis – Support at $ 0.80 breaks

The retalite currency in the bearish area entered under $ 0.80

The ripple coin has also been one of the weakest coins since the May crash, mainly due to a lawsuit with the SEC that has been withdrawn for over a year. In early December, we saw a flash crash that took the price to $0.60 for XRP, although the real support came at $0.80 for this digital currency.

This support held for about a month, but was also broken this week after the renewed wave of cryptocurrency selling. At the same time, lawyer Jeremy Hogan believes that the chances of justice until summer are small and have access to the suit in favor by April 202. So, this decline makes a more temptation to buy before the suit ends. So, I see XRP / USD. Hoping to buy around $0.50-0.60.


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