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When NFTs Will Turn Bold And Beautiful

When NFTs Will Turn Bold And Beautiful
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NFTs existed before 2021 but last year was when digital art emerged in the blockchain world, digital artists shone under the NFT spotlight. While the world of crypto has become an exciting place to be, a whole new kind of NFT artist has ushered in the biggest art movement the world has seen to date.

Technology may have disrupted every walk of life, but its impact on art has been the biggest takeaway of 2021. If NFT sparks a spark in 2021, it will explode in 2022. At least that’s what is being discussed in NFT circles.

What is the future of NFTs in 2022?

Dilip Senberg, Founder and CEO of Thinkchain, Crypto, NFT & Blockchain Consulting says, “The 2022 market will see further growth due to regulations that are happening globally. The film, art, and luxury industries will embrace and start implementing their own NFTs. New artists will see A new platform to like YouTube in the NFT space Web3-based social networking will happen on the NFT space The use case of Metaverse along with NFT will be a brighter area for this Concepts like Decentraland and Sand will see good momentum Currency law should be scheduled Indian cryptocurrency in 2022. This will boost Crypto adoption on a larger scale. Ripple (XRP) and CBDC will be adopted in many countries. From the perspective of regulations, this will lead to large-scale payments movements across the world.”

Artists will benefit as the entire environment evolves to its next level over the coming months. What exactly has the NFT movement done for artists? Firstly, it gave all the strength in the artist’s comfort to creativity and presentation at will, and secondly, it created a community that operated a supportive system. Third, it removed all kinds of barriers and enabled NFT creators to make money through transparent transactions. Once digitized, every type of art has a place in the NFT world. Also, there is no barrier to qualification – a child artist or an experienced artist are all on the same platform.

What turned the tide in favor of NFTs in 2021?

NFTs came onto the scene in 2021 primarily due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. As galleries dropped shutters and artists had no choice but to squeeze in studios – what unleashed was vibrant, unfettered creativity. After that, some serious auctions put the badge of sanctity on their NFTs: Sotheby’s Auction, Christie’s Auction, many NFTs sold at unexpected prices.

“2021 will revolutionize the creative and financial industries by integrating the two and creating the creative economy. With NFTs gaining attention, artists of diverse caliber are quickly turning into millionaires.” Raj Kapoor, founder of India Blockchain Alliance and Head of Growth at Chainsense ltd, said Non Fungibles has become Big during the year, in 2022.

Highlights of 2021 NFT

The year saw two significant NFT events, but the most notable was the NFT sale of Beeple’s Everyday’s – the first 5,000 days. There have been high value auctions for Crypto Punks as well. These big sales brought mass interest into the irreplaceable.

During 2021, NFT trading volume jumped to $23 billion, and thousands of blockchain wallets were involved in buying and selling NFTs around the world. A year ago, in 2020, the fund’s participation in the NFT globally was less than $100 million.

Among the thousands of NFT artists, who emerged the most valuable in 2021?

Apparently, it was Mike Winkelman who named the artist – Beeple, after the record-breaking auction of $69 million. Winklemann is officially the most valuable artist alive today after other artists such as David Hockney and Jeff Koons.

Who is after him?

The world of NFT is random, unpredictable and full of surprises and 2022 will reveal a billion of them. Who knows who will be the second best artist in NFT? We can’t say yet, but one thing is for sure – as more and more people are venturing into non-fungi, only the most unusual, most vibrant and original will have the chance. It will be more exciting from here.


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