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Which Coins Received the Most Attention in 2021? By DailyCoin

Which Coins Received the Most Attention in 2021? By DailyCoin
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Cryptocurrency world map stats: Which currencies got the most attention in 2021?

The year 2021 was full of key moments that sparked and defined the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, leading to increased global interest in various asset events such as; exceeded a trillion dollars in market value and became legal tender in El Salvador; Elon Musk “boosts” the price of Dogecoin; Its system upgrade, metaverse explosion, and blockchain gaming boom.

With so many Altcoins gaining trust and recognition, World Map Statistics, by Über Holger of the Blockchain Center, revealed an interest in searching for coins by country.

Bitcoin is still dominant, but loses 25% of public interest in a year.

Bitcoin still dominates the crypto space, being the #1 most searched cryptocurrency in every country in 2021, despite a dominance of 59.9%, compared to 80.8% last year). This decline in public interest was most likely due to the rise of altcoins that have trended this year.

Bitcoin was the most searched keyword in El Salvador with 98% of the total search volume.

South America was the continent most interested in bitcoin, while Asia tended to lean more towards altcoins.

In Ukraine, Vietnam, Japan, Norway, Serbia, and the Philippines searches for altcoins were more than Bitcoin.

Ethereum is the highest Altcoin

The top 3 most searched altcoins worldwide were Ethereum (13.1%), (7.8%) and (5.5%). While Ethereum is the most dominant of Altcoins, Dogecoin has the highest rankings in the United States, Ukraine, India, Iran and Indonesia.

Tron garnered the most attention in Norway, Denmark, and Vietnam, while XRP was most prominent in East Asia, where it was the highest altcoin in South Korea, Japan and the Philippines and the second highest in Malaysia, with ETH ranking just 0.3% higher.

In the US, Dogecoin is twice as popular as Ethereum with search dominance of 21.2% and 11.9% respectively.

The Altcoins that ranked fifth and tenth were Tron, and, and, and. The best Altcoins of 2020, IOTA and Monero, did not reach this year’s ranking.

Cardano was the most searched cryptocurrency in Europe with a dominance of 9.9% in Italy, 8.3% in Portugal, 8.2% in the Netherlands, 7.6% in Greece, and 6.9% in Spain.

on the flip side

  • The map was not fully representative of some countries, particularly in Africa and Asia, due to a lack of data.
  • An important note from the Blockchain Center is that, Polygon was excluded from the classification, due to the fact that the words in question can have a variety of different meanings and contexts, and therefore would not be indicative of true public interest in coins. For example, Tron can also be distorted, as the keyword can be in reference to the movie “Tron” or the car “Audi e-tron”.

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