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Why Is Ethereum Classic Shooting Higher Today? – Ethereum Classic – United States Dollar ($ETC)

Why Is Ethereum Classic Shooting Higher Today?
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Ethereum Classic (CRYPTO: ETC) is up 11.26% to $61.06 in the 24 hours to press late Monday.

What is moving? ETC, a token for a decentralized blockchain-based network, gained 13.87% over a seven-day tracking period.

blockchain and Ethereum (CRYPTO:ETH) split after the controversial 2016 Hard Fork split that spawned the latter.

ETC is up 8.45% against ETH and is up 5.81% against the major cryptocurrency Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) Over 24 hours.

Since the start of the year, ETC is up 957.74%, outpacing the gains made by Ethereum, which is up 555.76% in the same period. Bitcoin price is up 130.21% since the beginning of 2021.

ETC touched an all-time high of $176,016 in early May. The cryptocurrency is trading 65.5% below those levels at the time of writing.

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Why are you moving? ETC rose along with Ethereum, which touched an all-time high of $4,822.36 on Monday.

Ethereum and Bitcoin soared on Sunday, hitting all-time highs, ahead of the significant upgrade to the BTC blockchain.

ETC has received a lot of interest from retail investors and is turning to Stocktwits, along with seeing a lot of interest on Twitter.

ETC has risen this year along with ETH in May and September and is seen by some as a cheaper Ethereum game.

The ETC Project announced additional gifts of non-fungible ETC Punks tokens on Monday.

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