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xFlokiverse To Build Metaverse Proposition On The XRP Ledger

xFlokiverse To Build Metaverse Proposition On The XRP Ledger
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xFlokiverse – A project inspired by the metaverse – Today chose to build on the XRP Ledger, despite the potential repercussions in the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC. This move is a potential demonstration of the confidence of blockchain developers in creating projects on XRPL.

The project combines an ecosystem of xFloki Coins to create the NFT-gaming metaverse. Each coin has its own unique purpose within the xFlokiverse – the name given to the universe under which the ecosystem resides.


The metaverse will contain three unique tokens that serve unique purposes within the ecosystem.

  • XFLOKI dollars – Original currency required for all transactions on the platform, with additional use to access locked treasure chests.
  • XFLOKIs dollars – Items within the metaverse, including chests themselves, buildings, and more, that can be exchanged for a token.
  • XFLOKIVERSE dollars – Surrounding features such as planets, earth and the surrounding environment itself. Exchange, gaming and trading services will be available on xFlokiverse.

XFLOKI holders will be awarded NFTs with $1. By acquiring XFLOKIs tokens, users will be given the opportunity to level up and customize their profile using the assets that have become available to XFLOKIs owners. Each XFLOKI NFT will have the option to have different enhancements, items, themes, borders, and backgrounds to give the ecosystem a disparity and uniqueness.

Reward system

XFLOKI holder amounts are divided into seven tiers, with each level increasing the items gained from XFLOKIs locked treasure chests.

  • XFLOKI Levels (Stage 1)
    • Wood: Less than 1 billion tokens
    • Silver: 1 to 19 billion
    • Gold: 20 to 49 billion
    • Diamonds: 50 billion to 99 billion
    • Amethyst: from 100 billion to 499 billion
    • Ruby: 500 to 999 billion
    • Dragon: 1 trillion or more

When the market is released, users can purchase these locked treasure chests with XFLOKIs tokens:

  • XFLOKIs (Stage 2)
    • 0.1 XFLOKIs = 1 randomly closed box
    • 0.5 XFLOKIs = 6 random closed boxes
    • 1 XFLOKIs = 14 randomly closed boxes
  • XFLOKIs Guaranteed Funds (Phase 2)
    • 1 XFLOKIs = Closed Diamond Box
    • 5 XFLOKIs = Closed Amethyst Box
    • 20 XFLOKIs = Closed Red Dragon Chest

XFLOKIs tokens are used to purchase a variety of Locked Chests that vary through levels. Each chest contains items that are unique to the level and will be unlockable with keys. The keys can be obtained by buying them on the market, and each costs between 100 million – 1 billion XFLOKI, depending on the level.

A dashboard will be added soon – along with the Marketplace – so users can see all their stuff; Including chests, keys, NFTs and tokens. All in one browser.

Future endeavors on XRPL

The team at XFLOKIVERSE has a detailed view of the ecosystem they want to create – an integrated metaverse for gaming using NFT. The metaverse ecosystem will contain a marketplace, game and dashboard, ensuring that users can interact with whatever is available while holding their XFLOKI and NFT tokens. The vision will become more realistic, as the dashboard for users to view their holdings days after completion.

To help get points for meme coins on the XRP ledger, the project has partnered with the Entrepreneur crypto marketing agency – Quinnpresso. To get professional help to showcase the project to a wider audience, Coinpresso will use its full experience in digital marketing through SEO, web development, content marketing and social media marketing – along with the team at XFLOKIVERSE to ensure their future ecosystem is a success.

The exact details of the game and ecosystem have yet to be announced, as the project is in the concept stage. Fund levels and costs are subject to change as the project progresses.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/XFLOKICOIN

cable: https://t.me/XFLOKICOIN

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