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XRP nodes run by Ripple fell out of sync for over 5 hours, disrupted wallet services

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  • The two public XRP ledger nodes “s1” and “s2” operated by Ripple were out of sync with the XRP ledger for more than 5 hours yesterday.
  • The Xumm unguarded XRP wallet was not working well, disrupting usage and accessibility.
  • Ripple engineers are working to increase the capacity of the public node.
  • XRP continues to flood exchanges, whale moves 40.4 million tokens and sells them on Binance.

The XRP ledger needs improvements to the traffic associated with the “Trust Line” to increase the ability of nodes to handle simultaneously active users.

Asynchronous XRP nodes are disrupting wallet services

Two XRP nodes were operated and maintained by Ripple and the developers, “s1” and “s2”, were recently not synced to the network. The disruption lasted for 5 hours, and users of non-custodial wallets such as Xuum and xrplcluster.com were affected.

Although the speed of XRP is 1,500 transactions per second (tps), this does not take into account the “Trust line” transactions on the network.

When users plan to receive payments in anything other than XRP, they need a line of trust to account for the issuance of that asset. This helps to avoid token spam and gives users the ability to decide which assets to hold and receive without any negative impact on the XRP wallet or balance.

The amount of “trust lines” and tokens on the XRP network has exploded beyond the tested or expected numbers. This disrupted the activity of the XRP ledger public nodes. XRPL’s public nodes and pools are extended but not ready to increase the transaction volume of “trust lines”.

Cryptocurrency analyst WKahneman shared his look at the challenges XRP Ledger faces in a recent tweet.

Transactions are suspended on applications that use both nodes, and switching to other nodes like xrplcluster.com can create a backup there.

Ripple engineers are working to increase the capacity of the public node.

Whales flood exchanges with XRP tokens. A mysterious whale recently transferred 40 million XRP to Binance and sold the holdings. XRP failed to recover from the recent price decline.

FXStreet analysts have assessed the XRP price trend and predicted a bad bear trap.


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