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XRP2: Ripple alternative hires Jeremy Hogan as Legal Advisor

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Bringing in attorney Jeremy Hogan automatically lends some credence to the project, but critics may find XRP2 as an inflationary force to act as a perceived alternative to XRP.

XRP2, a blockchain project based on the XRP Ledger, has appointed XRP-friendly lawyer Jeremy Hogan as its legal advisor.

The project explain Its very presence on Twitter: “XRP is for banking and government use. XRP2 is for peer-to-peer transactions and public spending.”

XRP2 derives its name from the XRP Ledger, an open source blockchain developed by the founders of Ripple that powers the original XRP, the nature of which may currently be disputed in the SEC lawsuit against Ripple.

However, the new blockchain project has all the cards on the table as it is a complete fork of the XRP Ledger.

“When we have a full team, we’ll look for running nodes, validators, side chains, or even a full XRPL fork. Until then we don’t or don’t pretend that’s what we’re doing because we’re not. When we have our full team, we’ll explore Everything to be the best we can.”

Bringing in attorney Jeremy Hogan automatically lends some credibility to the project. At least, that’s what the founders of the project hope for.

“And just like that. The project became real and we proved ourselves. We have already worked/worked with Jeremy on another project so he knows this is also a real project.”

Hogan also commented on the appointment saying, “I am delighted to have you appointed as US legal counsel for the XRP2 project. Yes, I sometimes do more than just tweet and make YouTube videos. :)”

Jeremy Hogan has become famous since the Securities and Exchange Commission sued Ripple. The lawyer has analyzed the legal process and the possible outcome of the lawsuit and is still analyzing it in his Youtube channel. He is also a very active member of the XRP community.

His understanding of the law and popularity within the community may prove useful to XRP2 at this early stage as the project is not underway, but it remains to be seen if XRP2 will be able to succeed in its mission.

“As you probably well know, XRP is built for and exists for the bank/government/cross-border remittance market, we go for the peer-to-peer spending market and lay people… We are built on XRPL and fast sending XRP,” the co-founders stated on Twitter.

However, XRP is already being used for consumer payments all over the world. This has been proven a lot over the years as XRP holders use the digital asset for all kinds of spending, risking and remittances.

Critics may find XRP2 an inflationary force to act as a viable alternative to XRP.

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